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The SENS via Twitter service provides the JSE Stock Exchange News Service ("SENS") in real-time as a Twitter page. It displays SENS announcements continuously throughout the day, you can download the announcement as a full-colour PDF file, and the service is offered free.

Each article is shown with the company it relates to, whether it comprises part of the JSE All Share Index or JSE Top 40 Index, whether it relates to certain important categories of news such as Director Dealings or Cautionary Announcements, and shows the opening few lines to help you decide if the article is of interest.

You do not need to have a Twitter account to access this Twitter page - it is open to the public. You can simply view this page TimBukOne SENS in your internet browser. However, if you have a Twitter account then you can "follow" this page and get real-time updates directly into your Twitter feed!

Summary of Service:
  • Real-Time JSE news throughout the day
  • Articles are categorized for easy identification
  • Articles are provided in full-colour PDF files
  • Can be accessed via your browser, or ...
  • Followed as a Twitter feed
  • ...Free!
Click here for the TimBukOne SENS. Twitter page.