TimBukOne (Pty) Ltd ("the Company") takes information security seriously. Our IT staff have held qualifications in numerous info-sec fields including from leading info-sec certification providers.


Our servers are all hosted in state-of-the-art co-location facilities with physical access controls. The servers are all running modern and fully patched operating systems. All servers are dedicated only to our company, no shared servers are used.


We use several layers of defence;


• All sensitive data is encrypted. 


• Multiple anti-virus systems are employed. 


• Multiple intrusion prevention systems including server based firewalls are employed. 


• Remote user logins are restricted to come from specific end-points only and require administrative actions by our staff to allow to be used from any other end-point. All end-user access to our servers are via encrypted channels only. 

• User logins are restricted by IP address combined with end-point fingerprinting and geographic location filtering. 


• All websites use HTTPS certificates and communications encryption. 

• Access to all servers is logged and logs are reviewed regularly for unusual activity.

• All employees run modern and patched operating systems. They all have anti-virus systems and personal firewall systems running at all times. Access to employee computers is restricted to the specific employee only.