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TimBukOne started in 1999 and is a software and data development company producing world class and innovative applications in various fields.

TimBukOne is represented in Europe and Africa with virtually all South African professional investment and asset managers as clients as well as thousands of retail investors.

The team behind TimBukOne come from the professional investment market where they designed, built and marketed applications and databases. It has several decades of experience in the provision of software and database solutions to the investment community.

The company has produced highly rated applications sold around the world such as:

  • Workstations for financial analysis, research and real-time market trading

  • Graphing and quant applications

  • An extensive library of annual reports, circulars and other information on JSE & African public companies

  • CV and Document management applications using state of the art technology and artificial intelligence

  • Information security surveys and analysis applications

  • The Scannery search engine covering 35,000 public company websites in over 100 countries

  • Various other applications and even free tools like News and Video Maps